The founders of TPA Export Management Company bring 22 years of diverse experience in fields such as trading food and dairy industry machinery, packaging industries, and equipment related to agribusiness. Our collaboration with renowned international brands like GEA Germany, a pioneer in high-tech machinery, is one of our key strengths.

🚀 Our Mission

Recognizing the untapped potential in the market for Iranian products, TPA Export Management Company was established with the goal of introducing Iranian goods to global markets by providing specialized export management services. Our impressive track record includes exporting food products, food additives, raw materials for industries and chemicals, and various essentials for the livestock and poultry industry.

🌍 Why Choose Iranian Products?

With significant currency rate changes, Iranian producers now have an exceptional opportunity to boost their exports. By focusing on three key factors—product quality, sustainable supply, and competitive pricing میتونه ... TPA Export Management Group, as a reliable and professional partner, will guide you through every step of the import process, sharing our experience, knowledge, and network of international business partners to ensure your success especially in middle east markets.

🛠️ Our Values

1. Trust and Transparency: We build our relationships with clients and business partners on mutual trust and transparency. We uphold this principle throughout all stages of our commercial projects.

2. Innovation and Up-to-date Knowledge: In today's fast-paced world, staying updated with international market trends is crucial for the survival of any production and trading company. We constantly monitor changes in global markets using advanced technologies and computational tools, providing relevant information from Iranian companies interested in exporting, helping traders make well-informed decisions.

3. Flexibility: TPA Export Management Group maintains its ability to adapt to the diverse needs of  and international trading companies due to its flexible structure. We are recognized as an ideal partner for a wide range of audiences, from startups to established companies.

💼 Our Services

Our professional team is ready to collaborate with international trade partners, offering a wide range of services from business plan design to complete execution of commercial projects. If you are interested in genuine import opportunities, please prioritize getting in touch with us.

📞 Contact Us

For more information on how TPA Group can assist you with your needs, please contact us.